Sustainable Social Work Practice Starts Here

Sustainable Social Work Practice Starts Here

The work you do as a social worker is too important to allow yourself to burn out. You got into this field because you want to serve others, but the competing pressures of secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and unrealistic expectations are a recipe for burnout. In this five-month group supervision cohort, you'll learn the tools you need to practice in a sustainable way and prevent burnout so you can continue to do your important work. 

Sustainable Social Work Practice Starts Here



Why do you do what you do?

I'm fairly confident that you didn't go into this field seeking professional and personal burnout, massive amounts of vicarious trauma, and poor professional boundaries that make it nearly impossible to check work at the door and negatively impact your personal relationships. 

And yet, that's exactly what happens for many social workers, therapists, and other helping professionals. In fact, over 75% of social workers report experiencing burnout at some point in their career. 

The work that we do is far too important for this to continue. That's why this supervision group has been designed to support you in cultivating your own sustainable social work practices.


This Group is For You If...

  • You Have a Sense That Your Current Pace Might Be Unsustainable.  You know that if you keep going like you have been, you're headed straight for Burnout City. 
  • You Deeply Believe in Your Work. Let's just be honest, no one becomes a social worker because of the income potential. We get into social work because we care deeply about others and because we believe that we can make a difference. The only way to make the difference that you're here to make is to learn how to do this work in a sustainable way. 
  • You Could Be Doing Better in the Self-Care Department.  Social workers are typically excellent at taking care of others. Taking care of ourselves? Not so much. 
  • You Need More Supervision Hours for Licensure and You Want to Obtain Them In a Unique and Useful Way. Supervision hours can be a beast of their own and this group is a unique way to obtain high-quality supervision hours in a dedicated group setting. 

Several years ago, I was working full-time as a clinical social worker with families involved in the child welfare system. Every day, I went to work and attempted to make sense of abuse, neglect, and broken families, and children. I was burnt out, but not necessarily what you might typically think of when you picture burn out.

On the surface, everything looked just fine. I still showed up for work every day and was able to be fully present and emotionally available for my clients and co-workers. Under the surface, however, was a different story. Under the surface, I was a hot mess. 

Yes, I was showing up everyday, fully present and getting my job done. But it was taking all of my inner strength and resources to be able to do so. I was muscling my way through each day. I was so physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted that I had absolutely nothing left for my friends or family, let alone myself. 

The relationships that I should have been nurturing - with my friends, my family, my children, and myself - got pushed by the wayside. I withdrew from the world outside of work and retreated within myself because I worried that my severely limited emotional resources would mean that I may be unkind to a friend who needed my support. As you might imagine, this is not the best recipe for nurturing healthy relationships or living a joyful life. My cup was totally empty all of the time and I was scraping the bottom of the barrel just to get by. 

After trying to outrun the voice that was telling me that the pace of my life was unsustainable, I finally learned that nothing external would make the change I was seeking - I had to change on the inside first. Inside this group supervision program, I will be teaching you how to cultivate your own sustainable self-care practice and avoid getting stuck in an endless cycle of burnout. 



  • The supervision group will meet virtually via Zoom once per month for five months beginning in November 2020. 
  • Dates of group supervision are 11/21/2020, 12/19/2020, 1/16/2021, 2/13/2021, and 3/13/2021.
  • Each supervision group will provide three hours of group supervision that count toward your supervision requirements for full licensure in the State of Washington. 
  • Supervision groups will be held on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. 
  • Committing to join the group means committing to attend all group sessions as scheduled. In the event that you are not able to attend a session as scheduled, you will not receive credit for those hours.  
  • This supervision group is limited to 15 participants. 
  • To enroll in this supervision group, you can save your spot with a $50 deposit using the link below. Your deposit will be applied to the fee for your first session. 



In our first month together, we'll be discussing the culture of self-care in social work settings. Discussion topics will include: 

  • Risks and symptoms of secondary traumatic stress and compassion fatigue 
  • The concept of wellness in service to purpose 
  • Reframing what self-care means to social work practice 


In month two, we'll be focusing on individual and collective belief systems around self-care. Discussion topics will include: 

  • Identifying and shifting personal belief systems related to self-care 
  • How to use the desired feelings framework to redefine self-care 
  • How to anchor your personal why for your social work practice 


In month three, we'll be digging more deeply into behaviors as a social worker. Discussion topics will include: 

  • How to avoid the appeal of the badge of busyness 
  • The importance of parallel process in social work practice 
  • How to lead by example by prioritizing self-care as an act of service for your clients 


In month four, we will be exploring boundaries from all angles. Discussion topics will include: 

  • Healthy boundaries between work and personal life 
  • The cycle of stress and how to leave work at work (and how to manage boundaries if you can't) 
  • How to release your attachment to client outcomes 


In our fifth and final month, we'll be focusing on how to maintain your sustainable social work practice. Discussion topics will include: 

  • The importance of celebrating small victories 
  • How to shift the collective social work culture to value self-care 
  • How to balance conflicting needs 

Meet Your Supervisor

In this video, I'm sharing a bit of my own burnout story and why I feel so passionate about this work. I believe that the only way to make the positive impact you desire is by learning how to take the best care of yourself and by cultivating sustainable social work practice. I invite you to reach out to me directly with the contact form if you have any additional questions about whether this supervision group is the right fit for you.


Investment: $150/month

The rate for group supervision is $50 per hour. Each month, you'll receive three hours of high-quality group supervision with a focus on sustainable social work practice. A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot as space is limited. This deposit will be applied to your first session in November. 










Where will sessions take place?

All sessions will take place virtually, via Zoom. 

When will the supervision groups be held?

Supervision groups will take place once per month, on a Saturday, from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. 

Session dates are 11/21/2020, 12/19/2020, 1/16/2021, 2/13/2021, and 3/13/2021. 

I've read a lot of personal development books. What can I get out of this?

I don't know about you, but a lot of mainstream personal development advice leaves me scratching my head and asking, "BUT HOW?!" It always seems oddly vague, like, "It's important to forgive yourself." Ok, yeah, sure, "BUT HOW?!" You won't find any vague or confusing concepts in The Self-Love Lab. I'm committed to providing practical, easy to implement action steps so that you can create real, meaningful change in your life. Plus, unlike a book, in The Self-Love Lab, you'll get real time feedback and support. That means if you do happen to have a head-scratching moment, I'll be right there by your side to help you make sense of exactly what to do and how to do it. 

What if I need more support?

You are welcome to schedule single or ongoing individual supervision sessions with me at the individual supervision rate of $75 per hour, dependent on availability. 

What if I have a conflict with one of the dates?

If you know you have a conflict with a scheduled date, please let me know as soon as possible. If the need arises, we may schedule a make-up group session in April 2021 for anyone who missed a session and would like to obtain the full amount of supervision hours. 

How many hours total is this group supervision experience?

If you attend each of the group supervision sessions, you will receive a total of 15 hours of group supervision toward your licensure requirements. 

What is the rate?

The rate for group supervision is $50 per hour. You will be invoiced $150 for each session based on three hours of supervision per session. 

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions and you would like to hop on a quick call to see if this group is the right fit for you, send me an email using the contact form below and let's connect.