If you've been struggling with self-confidence or finding yourself stuck in an endless negative feedback loop, it's time to jump into The Self-Love Lab and start shifting your inner narrative and actively loving yourself. 




Do you find yourself fixating on your flaws, beating yourself up, and focusing your energy on the things you don't like about yourself more than you celebrate the things you do like?

If you said, yes - congratulations, you're pretty normal. 

We've been conditioned to focus on what's going wrong so that we can fix it - it's your survival brain doing what it does best. While it's important to acknowledge all the effort your brain is taking to keep you safe, it's also super important to learn how to flip your survival mode switch into the off position. It's time to stop holding yourself down and learn how to lift yourself up instead.

That's where The Self-Love Lab comes in.

"I am so, so insecure and I don’t know how to fix it. I don’t want to feel like this. I hate feeling like this and I feel like I hate myself, even. I don’t know how to not feel this way." <-- Actual words from my journal, circa 2001. 

If you're struggling with insecurity, it's safe to say I've been in shoes. In fact, I've spent an embarassing amount of time feeling paralyzed by self-doubt. I've missed out on healthy relationships, opportunities for growth, and countless other cool things because I just didn't believe that I was good enough. 

I've spent my entire adult life trying to understand confidence and self-love - both intellectually, through my work, and personally because I'm my own favorite guinea pig for new ideas and strategies. I won't tell you the lie that I never experience insecurity anymore, but I will tell you that through this work, I've learned how to recognize limiting beliefs more quickly and I have the skills to work through them infinitely more quickly than in the past. 

Confidence and self-love are yours to claim.

In the Lab, We Believe...

  • You Can't Hate Yourself Into Growth. It might be counterintuitive, but the best way to create meaningful, lasting change is any area of your life is to stop beating yourself up for past mistakes or not being good enough. Accepting the truth of where you are with love and compassion - even if it's not where you want to be - is the key to creating positive forward momentum. 
  • Most Of Us Have Never Learned How To Love Ourselves. Or even that it was acceptable to love ourselves. Many of us grew up within a paradigm that told us to put other's needs ahead of our own and that meeting our own needs first (or at all) was selfish. In The Self-Love Lab, we practice creating new neuropathways that will turn this outdated paradigm upside down. 
  • You Only Get to Show Up as the Best Version of Yourself When You Take the Best Care of Yourself.  Full stop. Everything that you value - your family, your children, your work, your partnership - is built upon the foundation of how well you take care of yourself. The sad truth is that so many of us have been caught in the destructive cycle of putting everyone else's needs ahead of our own for so long that we aren't even sure what we need anymore or where to begin. In The Self-Love Lab, you'll learn how to reconnect with your own inner voice and proactively meet your own needs so that you can show up as the best version of yourself for the people and things you value most. 



You won't find any fluff or toxic positivity in this lab. You will, however, learn evidence-based strategies and actionable skills to create meaningful change in your life. In The Self-Love Lab, I've distilled down my expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy to streamline and simplify your experience. I understand why it's all confusing - I've been in your shoes - and I've learned how to take big, complex topics in personal growth and development and make them actionable. 


The Self-Love Lab is hosted inside of Marco Polo Channels. All video content is delivered via asynchronous video which means that you're free to watch and respond to content whenever it works for you. You can expect a minimum of three videos per week, created using our unique Learn - Embody - Integrate model for adult learners. In addition to video content, you'll receive weekly PDF worksheets that you use as your guide for embodying and integrating the content. 


In The Self-Love Lab, you'll receive personal feedback in a group setting using Marco Polo's asynchronous video messaging capabilities. It's a truly unique experience that will meet you right where you are and provide the customized support you need to get where you're going. 

I cannot stress enough how magical it is to work with Mary Allison. She has a professional demeanor while being devoted to her clients and helping them help themselves. She has a skill set to work with you through the deepest of details within your unconscious mind and delivers support and encouragement in a non-threatening way. If you have ever thought that maybe you were meant for more in this life...This is the lady for you.


  • You find yourself tearing yourself down more often than you build yourself up
  • You struggle with self-doubt, insecurity, or poor self-image
  • You don't have tons of time and you want to be able to learn on your own schedule
  • You're interested in more personalized support than you can get from a course
  • You're ready to grow into the absolute best version of yourself


Investment: $188/month

The Self-Love Lab membership kicks off in December 2020! Spots are limited to the first 27 participants. Be there or be square. This is one experiment you won't want to miss!










How does this all work?

The Self-Love Lab is a unique, membership-based program using the Marco Polo platform. Once you purchase your membership, you'll receive an access link to The Self-Love Lab Marco Polo Channel. Video content will be published on the channel three times per week. If you have questions or comments, simply reply to the content with your own video message. I'll video message you back within 24 hours. The Self-Love Lab is a truly unique way to receive personalized support, in a group setting, for a low cost. 

I'm really busy. How much time do I need for this?

How much time you got? Kidding, kidding... As my clients will tell you, I'm a huge proponent of what I like to call shrinking the change. My intention with The Self-Love Lab is to provide you valuable content in bite-sized pieces so that you actually have time to listen and apply the information. No videos will ever be longer than 15 minutes and since all content is asynchronous, you can listen, apply, and reply at your own pace. 

I've read a lot of personal development books. What can I get out of this?

I don't know about you, but a lot of mainstream personal development advice leaves me scratching my head and asking, "BUT HOW?!" It always seems oddly vague, like, "It's important to forgive yourself." Ok, yeah, sure, "BUT HOW?!" You won't find any vague or confusing concepts in The Self-Love Lab. I'm committed to providing practical, easy to implement action steps so that you can create real, meaningful change in your life. Plus, unlike a book, in The Self-Love Lab, you'll get real time feedback and support. That means if you do happen to have a head-scratching moment, I'll be right there by your side to help you make sense of exactly what to do and how to do it. 

What if I need more support?

Lucky for you, supporting people around this topic is my specialty! I'm a master at connecting dots and helping my clients  identify, acknowledge, and shift self-sabotaging patterns of behavior. In The Self-Love Lab, you'll have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback from me within the group experience. If you want more individualized support to dig even deeper, you can schedule a one-time consultation call or a 30-day intensive pop-up coaching package. 

What makes The Self-Love Lab special?

The Self-Love Lab is a monthly membership delivered in a unique format via Marco Polo Channels. Asynchronous video means no headaches or stress about showing up on time. Instead, you can listen, learn, respond, and receive feedback when it works for you. 

The other thing that makes The Self-Love Lab unique is our experimental approach to this whole self-love thing. We understand that there is no one size fits all formula to loving yourself more. We know that in order for you to experience meaningful, lasting change, your plan must be uniquely yours and designed to fit your actual life. We won't be telling you what to do or prescribing an unrealistic time commitment. Instead, we'll be providing you with evidence-based information and the frameworks you need to create YOUR plan that fits YOUR life. 


And...if you get it wrong, no worries! It's all data - we'll teach you how to use that information to continue refining your plan for maximum efficacy. In The Lab, we're officially giving you permission to experiment! 

Can you guarantee results?

While I would love to tell you that I have a secret magic wand that I'll wave around to make sure that you get the results you want, the short answer is no. It's my job to provide the education, the content, and the framework. It's your job to implement that framework into your life. I can't promise that you'll do that so I can't in good faith promise any specific results. However, I'm happy to promise that you will gain a deeper understanding of the tools available to you to increase confidence and emotional health and wellness and it's my hope that you'll come ready and willing to dig into the work.

What if I want to cancel?

You're free to cancel your membership anytime. We'd be sad to see you go but totally understand that when something isn't aligned anymore, it's time to move on.